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difference between taylor t5 and t5z

We will send you an email to reset your password. These pickups, combined with a 5-way switch, can be blended to provide everything from a more-than-representative acoustic tone, to high gain leads and chunky rhythms. Yes, it has three — the Taylor T5, Taylor T5z, and the T3. Taylor acoustic guitars are unsurprisingly one of the best choices in the market. This T5z Classic Deluxe features a sapele body and neck, a mahogany top, classic mahogany stain with shaded edgeburst and gloss finish (entire guitar), ebony fretboard with 12 in. Reminiscent of a ’50s hollowbody, big and clean tones with a bit of grit if you dig in. All of the bodies are sapele. If you are still confused about which sounds better, you may check this YouTube video that compares a T5z Standard to a T5 Koa: For some retailers, like Amazon, they have the same price. You also get a trio of control knobs, which can adjust your volume, bass, and treble. The Standard has the Sitka Spruce/Sapele pairing, the Pro has the flame maple top, while the Custom has Hawaiian Koa top with golden hardware. There's no "in-between", which is a great feature of the T5. Taylor T5 vs T5z: Playability. Perhaps a comparison of their design, playability, and sounds can help you decide which of these two is the best fit for you. My wife bought me a first edition when they first came out. Bothy the T5 and the T5z have the same 24.875″ scale lengths. The T5/T5z was the original Taylor acoustic-electric hybrid hollow body. This article will focus on the Classic version of the T5 and T5z. The T5 and T5z Standard models are available in a set of finishes, including Vintage Sunburst, Black, and Honey Sunburst. Taylor guitars have been widely accepted by musicians and popular artists like Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, Shawn Mendes, Tori Kelly, and Zac Brown Band, to name a few. As a hollow body acoustic-electric guitar, they offer the best of both worlds. Available on checkout. Not that it is a bad sound; it's just not what I expected. "Pro" models are available in Tobacco Sunburst, Gaslamp Black, Pacific Blue, Borrego Red, Molasses Sunburst, and Trampas Green. American Musical Supply is excited to be your stop for Taylor T5 & T5z Electrics! Similarly, if you love the smoothness and feel of an electric guitar, the distortion, and the loud sounds, go for a T5z. The Taylor T5Z has a 21-fret fretboard with a 24.87-inch scale that allows musicians to attain a perfect balance between the comfort that an electric guitar provides and the tension that is needed for the production of clean acoustic tones. But, the most interesting is the Taylor T5 vs T5z, which is further discussed in this article. If you play acoustically more often, you should get a T5. Standard Taylor neck goodness. Like the original T5, the T5z boasts incredible tonal versatility, enabling players to shift from pristine acoustic to growling electric with the flip of a five-way switch. The T5z series is a smaller guitar than its sibling, the T5. Although the Fender Acoustasonic Tele sounds appealing from its specifications, the Taylor T5Z is certainly easier on the eye. Feels a bit like my Les Paul Custom or PRS 245. Click on a photo for a hi-res version! They also made several solid body models that never quite took off, but their semi-hollow and hollow body models are here to stay! If you’re a Taylor fan and are interested in their electric guitars, start with this Taylor T5 vs T5z comparison. The difference is a scaled-down body size and a fretting experience that will feel familiar to electric players. The soundboard pickup offers acoustic tones, while the bridge and neck pickups offer electric sounds. Taylor offers several different T5z models, but the main difference between each is the material used for the top, which is available in black, Borrego Red, Pacific Blue or … Hey all, I was looking into the Taylor T5Z as an acoustic-electric hybrid guitar to change my sound on my live rig. Nice warm, round tones. Its compact body together with the jumbo frets is great for string bending. or a pair of mini-humbuckers. Taylor T5z Standard Electric Guitar Say hello to the T5z Standard, the innovative addition to the Taylor T5 family. Crisp white binding around the body and F-holes, and under-stated dot inlays over the ebony fingerboard provide a nice package full of class. Other than these differences, Taylor T5 and T5z are two of Taylor’s acoustic-electric hybrid hollow body guitars that will surprise you in any way. However, the selection can still be made depending on the cost. Since the T5z is best played when plugged in, it’s designed to have a feel familiar to electric guitarists. radius and jumbo frets, 24-7/8 in. Thanks to the three pickups with a five-way switch, you can get a much wider tonal capacity from both guitars. Like its bigger sibling, the T5, the hollowbody T5z packs a dynamic range of electric and amplified acoustic tones into one guitar. Taylor T5z: The T5z has a body size that is more compact than the original T5, with a fretboard more suited to electric guitarists. I’m a huge Taylor fan. But I think Taylor missed the mark on a few points, particularly the way thy tried to market it as and acoustic, then plugged it through a dirt box and proudly announced "Look it does heavy metal as well". Designed with electric players in mind, the T5z brings more of an electric guitar look and feel to the popular hollow-body hybrid electric-acoustic T5 series. She's a beauty, her electric tones are exquisite, you can hear the hollow body characteristics bleeding through, and it sounds amazing! The Ovangkol wood is said to sound similar to rosewood and has a bit of sparkle to it. We offer True 0% interest payment plans - applying is easy. T5 and T5z are some of the most popular hollow body hybrid acoustic-electric guitars on the market. So, obviously, when the company introduced its first electric guitars, they are welcomed with arms wide open by Taylor fans around the world. The proprietary electronics are the heart of the T5 and T5z models. The feedback was pretty bad if you tried to turn up the gain and were in close proximity of the amp. They both have Taylor’s proprietary electronics, which makes them ideal for playing unplugged or with an amp. The latest edition to the best selling T5z line is the "Classic Deluxe" model, which boasts a warm Shaded Edgeburst gloss finish throughout the entire body! First introduced in the mid 2000s, Taylor's first electric guitars were unsurprisingly just as ground-breaking as their acoustic designs. Construction wise, the T5 is designed to be the acoustic leaning sibling, with a larger body, and a neck profile, radius, and frets very close to a Taylor acoustic. Taylor T5z is an upgrade of the T5 hybrid acoustic/electric guitar released by Taylor more than a decade ago.. T5 attempted and succeeded to provide true acoustic and electric tones. So, whether you pick one over the other will be based on what you love about the guitar, rather than on its price tag. Pick the T5 if you’re more towards playing acoustic, but sometimes need electrics. The most "acoustic" voice available - it even responds to your dynamics like a real acoustic guitar! Taylor electric guitars are not to be thought of as a motley crew - The T5, T5z, and T3 / T3B are all impressive guitars that deliver the same winning combination of playability, tone, and build quality that we all love about Taylor acoustics. hollowbody T5 Series with a sleek new sibling, the compact T5z. Introduced in 2014, the T5Z is an updated version of Taylor’s original T5, which was a similar-looking instrument but with a slightly bigger body. You'll find several limited edition colors out there too! So, it’s better to have a side-by-side comparison of their specifications for you to know that they don’t only differ by ‘z.’. Taylor's take on these guitars combines the vintage inspired tonal foundation with playability and forward thinking features that could only come from Taylor. I have a T5 and it's a beautiful guitar to play. In the end, Taylor isn’t all just about acoustics, but it’s great, too, with their electric guitars. With its larger body, you’ll be able to get a great tone with enough volume unplugged. Aesthetics-wise, they look almost identical. To get a fuller explanation of the difference between the T5 and the T5z and to learn more about the various T5z models, check this out. T5 was first released in 2005, while the T5z followed in 2014. The tonal engine is provided by either a pair of humbuckers (ceramic or alnico, your choice!) You'll live here if you crave juicy, liquid high gain leads and other fat single note tones. And, for electric guitars? Even though they have the same electronics onboard, they still sound a bit different through an amp. It cannot compete with the best in each category but its flexibility makes up for it. On the flip side, get a T5z if you are more to the electric side, but sometimes need acoustics. However, each one is designed to address the uniqueness of every guitarist. Whether you get one or the other, these are Taylor hybrid guitars and you won’t get disappointed with them. Personally, though, I liked the T5 because it’s jampacked with a lot of useful features and never-ending possibilities, but it has a larger body. The T5z is an update to Taylor’s innovative T5 hybrid acoustic/electric guitar, aimed at giving players a combination of true acoustic and electric tones, with acoustic aesthetics and electric playability. Picking either of these guitars or picking both will surely give you a good return for your investment in time. Perfect for players who crave a variety of sounds, Taylor T5 guitars are the ultimate choice for tonal versatility. Other unique Taylor features include a tone knob that both boosts mids and/or adds bass, a roller bridge for tuning stability, an optional Bigsby vibrato tailpiece, and the patented T-Lock neck, inspired by the revolutionary NT neck joint - which uses a special spacer to give you the perfect neck angle. Taylor T5z only differs from Taylor T5 with a ‘z’, literally. It has a slimmer fretboard with 12-inch radius, jumbo frets and smaller body. T5 is geared towards acoustic players. I also compared the T5X to the T5 Koa, and by far preferred the T5X Ovangkol top which can do acoustic very well but especially shines on electric sounds. Ex-T5 owner here. Also, the T5 seems to be (to our ears) a guitar that's 70% electric/30% acoustic, while the Crafter is 70% acoustic/30% electric. Unlike in the past where I felt that Taylor couldn’t decide whether the T5 was an electric-acoustic or acoustic-electric, now, I feel the dichotomy between the two is much more clear now. Among these guitars are the T5, the T5z, and the T3. I went from a T5 Standard to a T5X and the difference was very noticeable in favor of the T5X. Jazz and blues players will live in this position! For the benefit of those who are new to Taylor’s electric guitars, the Classic version is made of Mahogany top with Sapele back and sides. Click on a photo for a hi-res version! While the groundbreaking T5 model keeps the larger body design and feel of a regular acoustic, the T5z pushes even further into the world of the electric guitar. Keep reading for in depth breakdown of Taylor electric guitars. The Taylor T5z main differences from the groundbreaking Taylor T5 is that the T5z has a bit smaller body, radius is 12″ as compared to the 15″ for the T5. I’ve always thought the T5 was one of the most comfortable guitars that i’ve ever held. Other than these differences, Taylor T5 and T5z are two of Taylor’s acoustic-electric hybrid hollow body guitars that will surprise you in any way. It’s almost identical to Taylor acoustic guitars, except for the electronics onboard. Like the original T5, the T5z boasts incredible tonal versatility, enabling players to shift from pristine acoustic to growling electric with the flip of a five-way switch. The T5z is a hollowbody and offers an even better player experience. Although these guitars aren’t that affordable for many, given that it’s priced over $1000, based on the thorough review above, it’s very clear that Taylor put some thought on their electrics. They are the same in a lot of aspects. The T5z on the other hand is for those who want an electric guitar feel, as it features a smaller body, a smaller 12" radius, extra feedback resistance, and jumbo frets. Well, considering the fact that both acoustic guitars are considered champions in their respective ways, knowing which one to select between Godin A6 Ultra vs Taylor T5 can be a bit dicey. The Taylor t5z is a pretty flexible guitar as you can use it as both an acoustic or electric guitar. Compare a 12-fret guitar against a traditional 14-fret model and experience the difference in how they feel for your fretting hand. Summary: Let’s get this out of the way first: The T5z is an electric guitar that has acoustic capabilities. These electrics come in a wide variety of finish colors including: Natural (standard), Ruby Red Burst, Black, Orange, Tobacco Sunburst and Honey Sunburst. I swapped the T5 for an '06 335. However, there’s a deeper reason why the ‘z’ is there. You can see a larger body, neck radius, and frets. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The T5 also lives up to the Taylor standard of construction – all their guitars are very well-built. With the trio control knobs — volume, bass, and treble, you’ll get more tonal options than you imagine. Taylor T5 vs T5z: What Are Their Differences Besides the Letter ‘z’, Taylor T5 vs T5z: Specifications Comparison. The price difference is tied to the top wood: T5z Custom is koa, T5z Pro is maple top, T5z Standard is spruce top, and the T5z Classic is mahogany. The T5z has jumbo frets. But, her acoustic tone hit a sour note with me. You can cop everything from Tele twang to high gain rhythm playing from this one, the hottest pickup of the bunch. For those who have seen the T5 and T5z for the first time, maybe you can see only one kind of guitar. It can play lots of music styles from natural acoustic to electric lines. What I mean is mike can literally shred on his T5 and the pickups will handle it, but it doesn't re-create an acoustic guitar very well. Keep reading for in depth breakdown of Taylor electric guitars. The Taylor T5z blends the line between acoustic and electric guitars with it's innovative construction and pickup system. Both models are available in a "Classic" version, with a mahogany top and sapele back and sides, a "Standard" version, pairing Sitka spruce over sapele, a "Pro" version, boasting a figured maple top, and a "Custom" permutation, showcasing a Hawaiian koa top and gold hardware. To many ears, the T5 sounded just as authoritative when played through an overdriven tube combo as it did when fingerpicked and plugged into a dedicated acoustic amp. The T3 series guitars pair maple tops with a sapele back and sapele sides. T5 is an amazingly versatile guitar. T5z, on the flip side, is electric leaning, providing you with a smaller body, 12-inch fretboard radius, jumbo frets, and extra feedback resistance. Anaheim, CA (January 25, 2014) -- Taylor Guitars is expanding its groundbreaking electric/acoustic hollowbody T5 Series with a sleek new sibling, the compact T5z. The first pickup provides the acoustic tones and the latter 2, the electric. Godin A6 Ultra vs Taylor T5 – which one to go for? (Taylor does sell foam inserts) Unplugged it didn't project well at all. T5z is more compact and still exudes the same vintage beauty as its sibling. Taylor’s T5 wasn’t the first guitar to offer electric and acoustic tones in the same package, but, as one of the earliest production models to do so in a convincing way, it was a revelation. Ten years after Taylor released its first “electracoustic” T5 model—which featured a streamlined body shape and pioneering onboard electronics—the company has introduced its latest update, the T5z. Taylor T5Z. Other versions are Standard, Pro, and Custom. With two humbucker pickups and an acoustic body sensor, The T5 lets you A/B your sound to shift between acoustic and electric amps, or blend them and create new sounds suited to your style. Pictured is the T5z Classic! In 2005, Taylor Guitars released a revolutionary new guitar, the hollowbody hybrid T5, capable of a myriad of electric sounds thanks to its sophisticated three-pickup configuration and high-definition preamp. But, they are exceptionally brilliant. The Taylor T5 and T5Z. This gives T5 darker and earthy look which is highlighted by its satin classic finish. Both models feature a mahogany top, which is also found in Taylor’s top-of-the-line guitars. They have a sound resemblance, too. It plays like a dream. However, if you love acoustic sounds and playing without an amp, T5 is the right gear for you. It can play lots of music styles from natural acoustic to electric lines. The best amp for Taylor t5z is the Peavey Vypyr VIP 1. T5 is an amazingly versatile guitar. Sign up in minutes and receive instant approval. These guitars bridge the acoustic and electric worlds like no other with their proprietary electronics, and offer a wide variety of tonewood combinations. Taylor guitars boast a wide range of aesthetic and functional appointments, including binding, rosette, fretboard inlays, electronics, and scale length. Taylor Electric Guitars: The T5, T5z, and T3. But its acoustic sound is killer! The T5 and T5z are some of the best hollow body hybrid acoustic electric guitars on the market, and the fully electric semi-hollow T3 (with available Bigsby), is a welcome competitor in its space - with better tone and playability than most! As mentioned, it’s best to be played acoustically, so you’ll get a bigger profile, a 15-inch fretboard radius, and narrower frets. Price- and specs-wise, Taylor T5 vs T5z is a draw. Had intended to get an acoustic with no electronics this time; but, then saw this snow white T5z and if they were in stock--i may have been writing to tell you of my new purchase. The pickups include acoustic body sensor active soundboard pickup, concealed neck humbucker, and a lipstick-style bridge humbucker. Street price $1899 to around $3799. Taylor electric guitars are not to be thought of as a motley crew - The T5, T5z, and T3 / T3B are all impressive guitars that deliver the same winning combination of playability, tone, and build quality that we all love about Taylor acoustics.. Pictured is the T5z Classic! In 2014, we followed that up with the T5z, which features the same electronics in … The semi-hollow body guitar has always been a great choice for the musician who requires versatility. Contact us at 844-687-4296 or scale length, 1-11/16 in. It is a modeling amp that allows for both acoustic and electric settings. Both have the same electronics. It is very versatile and I dug the action but it was really just mediocre at both the acoustic and electric sound. Use your own debit or credit card, enjoy fast and free shipping, and add Taylor T5 & T5z Electrics to your creative setup. Get exclusive New Arrival, Sale & Giveaway info! Taylor starts with a set of 3 pickups, including an acoustic body sensor active soundboard pickup, a concealed neck humbucker and a "lipstick" style bridge humbucker. Again, from afar, you don’t seem to realize that one is different from the other, especially if you’re looking at the Classic models of T5 and T5z.

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