About Us

Kosher Kiko’s supermarket of the Bareket Israel group, has finally arrived to the United States!

For more than 20 years, the group has operated as a nationwide chain of supermarkets with 13

The chain’s branches carry a huge variety of products, excellent quality food products, home products, hygiene and more.

The chain aims to sell its products at fair and affordable prices and to all target audiences.

This is the philosophy that Kosher Kiko’s brings to Florida.

Kosher Kiko’s has set a goal of providing the best shopping experience:

Price for every pocket, uncompromising quality, with the best kashrut available!

Kosher Kiko’s Revolutionized kosher supermarkets in SOUTH FLORIDA by providing the clients with
quality products with the highest Kashrut and a reasonable price.

Kosher Kiko’s carries variety of products from the best manufacturers in both Israel, and the United States.

Kosher Kiko’s gives a real buying experience:

• Excellent meat department, attentive to the needs of the customer, provides fresh meat,
excellent quality, with a variety of Kashrut’s such as Beit Yosef, Shor Haber, Solomon, David
Elliot and many more, all at very attractive prices.

• Amazing baking department with an excellent baker that provides a variety of breads, baked
goods, cakes, cookies and more, with uncompromising freshness at reasonable prices.

• Deli department run by the house chef who provides a huge variety of cooked, fresh, and
inspiring dishes for lunch time, fun meal, Jewish delicatessen, or multi-participant hospitality,
each with a personal and pampering attitude.

• The dry foods department of Kosher Kiko’s has already named herself as the most superior and
affordable in the entire Supermarkets in Florida by varying a great variety of products, from the
best of the best producers such as Osem, Thelma, Papushado, Canned Eden, The Hawaiian,
Pinuk, Spring, Asian flavors and many more.

• The frozen department includes a wide variety of frozen vegetables, baking products (from the
best manufacturers such as French pastry, Tzipor HaSharon, etc.), frozen meat and many other

• The fresh vegetables department, with all the vegetables and fruits of uncompromising quality.