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can i put coconut oil on my ferret

Ferrets are obligate carnivorous. Unless you are showing, there probably really isn’t a need for it. My athlete patients also use coconut oil on their nipples to prevent chaffing. $12.95 $ 12. We asked some holistic veterinarians all about cats and coconut oil. Word travels fast these days and suddenly the word gets distorted then one ferret becomes dozens and then it's a cure. If you have time, you can also feed them natural food and prepare them yourself. I honestly don't know for sure. I actually use light olive oil....my guys won't even consider the regular or the EVO....Guess I should watch what acronym I use, I just bought 2 bottles of EVOO. I use a mix of marine fish oils (sardine, anchovy and mackerel, it's preserved with vit e) It's not cheap, sets me back $50 for a litre. Just curious, why does everyone say to use extra virgin olive oil instead of just plain olive oil? You can give your ferret coconut oil in a small amount, meaning less than half a spoon daily. Chocolate and other sweets can cause heart attack if your ferret ate a lot of them. This just started. Coconut oil for treating acne. My ferret often seems like her skin is dry, so sometimes I'll fill a tupperware container we use as her bath with warm water, and add in coconut oil. Sometimes, it just makes us feel like we're doing something right, when we're in a situation that we're powerless to change. You can use coconut oil three different ways. I'm not sure that coconut provides that benefit (I noticed that it too bears these claims from prowling a couple of sites). This can often lead to diarrhea. Conditioner: Like any good conditioner, coconut oil may help strengthen the hair shaft and prevent breakage. It is organic and cold pressed 100% coconut oil, zero addatives. Fill an eyedropper with warm virgin coconut oil and put several drops into your ear canal. I was thinking about switching my cook oils again. Coconut oil does this safely and naturally because it contains … This will detach the wax and cause it to exit by itself. Reply. That's why anecdotal information is so sketchy. Cooldown the mixture and put it in a bottle. It would be best to give it once every few weeks to prevent any alteration in his diet. Lots of water is also important to their diet. The thread wasn't about coconut oil but it was mentioned within the thread. Try applying coconut oil about 15 to 30 minutes before you wash, focusing on the midsection and ends of your hair. Some of those kernels will bounce around with a stronger force than what occurs in the microwave, so supervise your popcorn. Make sure that you pick high-quality food pellet and ferret food. One caveat: In some dogs, coconut oil can actually cause an allergic reaction. Unless there's a study that proves the information, you don't know if it works. These pores can become inflamed … But are there any benefits of coconut oil for cats? If more is put in, many ferrets will dig it out. Not only will it make them soft, but they will smell great! There are two varieties of coconut oil, refined and virgin coconut oil (unrefined). Your ferret is also sure to develop a beautiful and shiny coat. It helps in removing makeup and gives a glowing skin. As far as I can see, there is nothing about it being beneficial for carnivores. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer. Treat fleas that are already present on your pet. I'm not saying it doesn't work. Vary the food that you are giving them so they have all the nutrients they need in a day. Make sure that you keep an eye on your pet after giving him oils. If it is a cat, use approximately 1/8 tsp. Among these cooking oils, coconut oil is known to have the longest shelf life. 1 EXPERT ANSWERS. June 13, 2020, 4:23 pm. I didn't have problems before, the ones with tumours are still getting them, so it's not stopping my guys from getting tumours. Then we can get her clean and moisturize her … Salmon oil is an excellent supplement for a ferret’s diet… ferrets will benefit from the omega-3s just like dogs and cats. If it works for you little ones then do it. Try to use it at approximately half the dose of what is recommended for cats and dogs. The supplements, that's a different story. And you’re right I noticed it only lays on the top of the skin and didn’t seem to penetrate! 4.7 out of 5 stars 4,899. I prefer not to have to deal with capsules because so often they've got other "interesting" fillers such as soya (which is mostly a GM product now). Many people use coconut oil to treat face acne and prevent further outbreaks of spots, pimples, and pustules.. Acne is caused when excess sebum and dead skins cells clog up pores. You can also lay a folded section … Read the labels and check the nutrients and ingredients. Beauty wise, coconut oil has become really helpful for skin and hair purposes. Truthfully, don't know. Pixie acts like its poison. I know raw feeding works. You need to be a responsible owner and control your ferret in nibbling every treat. The benefits of salmon oil have influenced many pet owners, including ferret parents, to incorporate salmon oil into their fur babies’ diets. Besides laxative effect and help with hairballs, coconut oil can make your ferret… They did a study on pig to fatten them up. Salmon oil is a great treat that can be used for distracting your ferret when clipping nails or cleaning ears. You'd have to watch for nut allergies...they cannot process it, properly..veggies right. If you get the green light from your vet to use coconut oil on your cat, be sure to choose unrefined (often called "virgin") coconut oil. I don't really give any oils to the ferrets since I ran out of salmon awhile back. I believe coconut oil is safe to try in moderation for vaginal dryness. Most of the supplements that are used are garnered from information for the use with humans. » Petting : Dilute 1 drop of ferret-safe essential oil in 2 drops of carrier oil such as coconut oil. If you do put it in their food, use only a small amount, such as half the size of a pea. I put the coconut oil on my face to make it look more shiny and dewy which only lasted temporarily. I"m very sceptical these days of jumping on the bandwagon so to speak. Plain Water – Some don’t use anything to wash their ferrets except water. If dry skin on his paw pads or nose bothers your pooch, a little coconut oil rubbed into his skin provides moisture and prevents or relieves dryness. Those numbers don't lie....I've been feeding raw for over 15 yrs. Baby Shampoo – I have seen passionate ferret moms recommend baby shampoo for washing their dirty ferrets. This also makes sure that they are not bored with the food that they are eating. And some of my postoperative C-section patients find that coconut oil tends to reduce the appearance of the scarring. When you are giving your ferret oil for the first time, observe it, because ferrets can have allergies or some other reaction to it. They come and go. Pour in a spray bottle, spritz and wipe the cage or use after cleaning litter. Additionally, you’ll need to gently shake the pot so all the kernels can cook evenly. Any time any product is introduced into a sensitive part of your body, it is important to monitor for signs of contact dermatitis or worsening symptoms. I use a whitening shampoo on my lighter ferrets and it really does work (not all do, but I like mine). Only good to give them a tiny bit at a time? I think a lot of these claims don't bear in mind that tumours go into remission. I just browsed through a couple of links, there's a ton of information out there. While studies on coconut oil are sparse when it comes to the vagina, the dermatology data is reassuring, and the risk of using it is almost nonexistent. Just be careful, if you give them more than maybe a half teaspoon at a time they can get oily diarrhea! I've heard it is ok, and my ferrets love the taste. I don't feed it everyday, but in moderation it's a great way to get variety (just watch out for sensitivities). Reply. Make sure that you don’t add flavors and salt when preparing them. A wide range of cooking oils with different uses is available in the largest supermarkets or even the smallest grocery stores near you. To use coconut oil for dry eyes, place two to three drops of oil into the affected eye. If you choose to use coconut oil for a moisturizer, use a … Does coconut oil expire? They may have different reactions with new oil. Also, be aware that not all coconut oils taste the same. I’ve created an article on how everyone should be utilizing it in their hair regimen. Coconut oil can lower cholesterol, cure skin problems, and helpful for those with Alzheimer’s. I don't get what makes it different. Trixie likes it, but Pixie and Dixie are NOT fans. The smaller fish have less time to accumulate contaminants and they're not farmed like salmon. I also use coconut oil as a treat for my ferrets and cats and they all seem to enjoy it as saturated fats are not harmful to carnivore animals as carnivores can’t build arterial plaque. I never understood why everyone says ferrets can't process plant based oils, but yet olive oil always gets a pass, even though it's also from a plant. March 19, 2014 at 12:55 AM. Don’t force your pet to take it if he doesn’t like it. If you are giving VCO for the first time, make sure that they don’t have any reaction to it. If has any weird reaction, then it would be best to stop fiving him coconut oil. Of course, you want your pet to be with you for a longer time. I use it here for everything from removing my eye makeup, conditioning my hair and skin, cooking, even for treating my wood when I dust. I plan to start giving my ferrets a bit of coconut oil on occasion too since I started using it for myself. Coconut oil is considered to be a superfood, but can you give your ferret coconut oil? Supposedly, they can make use of the anti-inflammatory properties. Partly this is also because of their diet. Always be careful with what you’re feeding to your pet. All it would take would be for me to have a wee one with an aggressive or stubborn tumour and it to suddenly heal up, stop weeping, scab over and if I recently changed oils or anything for that matter I could claim that whatever I changed cured or put the tumour in remission. For best results, use coconut oil twice a day for a week. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. I believe Jennifer posted it originally on the old HFF. It can soothe dry, itchy skin resulting from eczema and help prevent infection. Observe any possible changes in his disposition or the way he eats. Although they will eat most, if not all, of the food that you give them, ensure that they are only consuming healthy food. Anyway, I have 3 giant (HUGE HUGE) jars of coconut oil. Move your jaw around to work the VCO down into the canal. I've fed only protein oils until the last year or so. I've seen these promises before...many, many times. They can only digest meat, while others may either be passed through their feces. For obtaining additional benefits of coconut oil, one can heat one cup of coconut oil with two minced garlic cloves, in a small saucepan for about a minute. Fractionated Coconut Oil – 100% Pure & Natural Premium Therapeutic Grade - Coconut Carrier Oil for Essential Oils, Massage, Moisturizing for Skin & Hair, Great for Dogs – 16 fl. » Cage Cleaning : Use a mix of ½ cup of white vinegar, ½ cup of water and 5 drops of a ferret-safe essential oil. First off I just want to say how flipping cute is the new forum banner! But they LUUUUUV light olive oil, holisticferret.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=medicine&action=display&thread=4968.

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