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is blue chamomile the same as roman chamomile

Image credits: and exhausting, taking a pretty significant toll on both our mental and physical health. By Alvesgaspar – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link. I had no idea German was good for joints. (2012). So be careful – this oil will leave a stain on fabric and carpet! Thank you so much for this informative article. That’s because to most, there appears to be no difference. . Moroccan chamomile is a member of the Tansy botanical family and is like German chamomile due to the fact that they both produce a deep, ink-blue color when in the form of an essential oil. German chamomile can help digestive complications by stimulating the kidneys and gall bladder to remove toxins and infections. [8] Srivastava, J. K., Shankar, E., & Gupta, S. (2010). This natural mood booster can also help reduce feelings associated with depression [6]. You can read our cookie policy here. Lol, I was hoping one would cover everything. thanks for sharing pt! Particularly, the chemical components a-bisabolol and azulene are known to stimulate the liver and support the digestive system by easing intestinal cramping [9]. The similarities are more on the chemical composition side and usage of the two chamomile varieties. Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) may provide antidepressant activity in anxious, depressed humans: an exploratory study. Is this the same with the essential oils, using them topically and/or diffusing? I just bought both Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile and it’s great to have a better idea for which one to use when. But I cant find anything with specifics and to whether or not a chamomile oil would have the same effect. If you are stressed out after a hard day at the office, a cup of Roman chamomile tea can help relieves sore muscles and generally relax you. I’ve been wanting to get Chammomile EO but I haven’t been able to decide which one would be best. For using as a mist spray or in a diffuser. Both varieties can be planted using seeds in the right type of soil that is not too rich. As you might imagine, if you bruise the ferny low foliage you will get a pineapple scent. Copyright © 2020 Plant Therapy Essential Oils. , are both aromatic herbs often used interchangeably. The leaves are ferny and delicate, and it has a typical aster flower, with a yellow disc in the middle surrounded by evenly spaced white florets. What’s the difference between Roman and German chamomile essential oil? Add chamomile essential oil to your collection for use as a stand-alone oil or for creating beautiful recipes for a wide range of applications. Nutrients, phytochemicals and bioactivity of wild Roman chamomile: a comparison between the herb and its preparations. (2015). (2016). Thanks for the info! (2015). German chamomile is also called blue chamomile, which was highly prized by Egyptians. Add the essential oil to your skin lotion for a supple and moisturizing effect. I appreciate getting the emails on blogs because I sometimes forget to read them. I’ve often wondered about the CO2 on labels. Lavender Essential Oil: 5 Must-Know Uses And Healing Benefits, How to Use Helichrysum Oil for Scars? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Chamomile Roman, Chamaemelum nobile, and Chamomile German, Matricaria chamomilla, are both aromatic herbs often used interchangeably. A lot of articles around the internet are talking about how amazing Blue Tandy oil is (most commonly when talking about Sunday Riley's Luna oil). Both Roman chamomile and German chamomile have a long history of use in herbal medicine. German chamomile is taller, reaching 24 inches, and has hairless stems with threadlike, more sparse and less ferny leaves than Roman chamomile. Although more research is needed to support this claim, preliminary studies suggest that Roman chamomile improves hyperglycemia. That is because it is native to Western Europe and North Africa. Chamomile also has very strong antioxidant properties that are thought to help strengthen the immune system. How to Dilute Essential Oils with Coconut Oil in 4 Easy Steps? Essential oil blends are awesome because they can be used to enhance your space or activity. So be careful – this oil will leave a stain on fabric and carpet! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Holiday plans and family get-togethers can be very fun, but also very exhausting, taking a pretty significant toll on both our mental and physical health. Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) may provide antidepressant activity in anxious, depressed humans: an exploratory study. The significance of this is to allow the oils to fuse and create a beautiful synergistic scent. Though both German and Roman chamomile essential oils are often used interchangeably in treating an assortment of conditions, they are not the same and thus the purpose of this post. Chamomile (Matricaria recutita), hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 2 through 8, is a member of the large daisy or Asteraceae family. A nerd like me appreciates the scientific information, along with uses. The vibrant yellow and white flowers are steam distilled to produce a strong, herbaceous aroma similar to chamomile tea. I’m always unsure which to use but now I’m certain. It spreads on the ground via its stems and the foliage has a fine leathery feel to the touch. Roman Vs. German Chamomile Oil – Differences and Benefits. Retrieved from Aromatherapy is one of the most effective ways of altering mood. For more information, please read our privacy policy. I wanted to order some tonight, but wasn’t sure which to choose. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. I’d seen it on the website but wasn’t entirely sure the differences. I love tips like this, I didn’t realize each one had such different uses! Roman Chamomile has a light, fresh apple fragrance, and German Chamomile smells more like sweet straw. Check out some great recipes for skin using Chamomile German CO2. It grows in part shade to a height of about 12 inches (30 cm.) All these attributes make chamomile a good choice to add to your garden. I’m printing this off for my binder. Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with a bright future (Review). Roman chamomile is actually native to the European Atlantic coast in France, Spain and Belgium and also in North Africa. Many different preparations of chamomile have been developed over the years, and the most popular is in the form of herbal tea, with more than 1 million cups consumed per day. The soil pH should be between 5.6 and 7.5, with full sun exposure. Chamomile is one of my favorite oils to work with, it’s an amazing E.O and I encourage people to do further research about the chemical constituents and benefits. It is self-sowing and propagates naturally and profusely. In many cases, it has to do with that soothing taste and calming aroma that chamomile infused tea has become very well known for. The best known of the chamomile oils is Blue chamomile (Matricaria recutita), also known as German or Hungarian chamomile.Blue chamomile essential oil gets its striking blue color due to chamazulene, a unique compound thats produced during the steam-distillation of this oil.. Blue chamomile has a sweet, fruity, smoky, and herbaceous aroma. Retrieved from Healthnotes, Inc. Retrieved from,, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). German, or blue chamomile, has a higher azulene content than its Roman counterpart. Thank you. The German variety contains more of the essential oil chamazulene, which gives it a deep blue hue and potent anti-inflammatory and infection-fighting properties. This was so helpful! The Chamaemelum nobile is a small evergreen perennial that grows low to the ground. Maybe this alone will help. Roman has a little sharper scent and it seems German is just as calming, for me. While chamomile has numerous therapeutic benefits, it can be used to supplement other medicines but should not be used to replace mainstream medicine. This helps me so much! Retrieved from, [6] Amsterdam, J., Shults, J., Soeller, I., Mao J., Rockwell, K., Newberg, A. Chamomile is one of the most popular herbs in the Western world. (2012). The azulene is not present in the fresh flower itself but is produced during the process of distillation. [4] Srivastava, J.K., Shankar, E., & Gupta, S. (2010). It also makes it easy to spray the essential oil in your hands whenever you feel irritated and dealing with a contentious issue. Chamomile Roman is also a fantastic choice to help improve the quality of sleep by easing physical and emotional tension in the body that can build up over time [4, 5]. German, or blue chamomile, has a higher azulene content than its Roman cousin, which gives German chamomile its deep blue hue and makes it stand out as a distinct star among chamomile varieties. On the other hand, Roman chamomile essential oil is clear because, unlike German chamomile, it doesn’t have any azulene in it. Aromatherapy. I have all three. It has flowers that appear like miniature daisies – … Now that you know the distinction between Roman and German chamomile, you can get the results that you desire from various chamomile products. (Useful Tips and Recipes), 4 Great Methods of Using Oregano Oil for Cold Sores, Your email address will not be published. Nutrients, phytochemicals and bioactivity of wild Roman chamomile: a comparison between the herb and its preparations. Chamomile offers benefits that can be used on a daily basis to improve your well-being. Chamomile is known mostly for its use against gastrointestinal problems; addition… The essential oil is a breathtakingly deep and distinct blue color, thanks to its chamazulene content. For soothing tired muscles as well as for rejuvenating tired skin. It is grown on a commercial scale in countries, such as England, France, Belgium, the United States, and England. You only need a very small amount of it, too — just 0.1 – 0.2% for skin blends — because it is such a powerhouse. It is cultivated on a commercial scale in countries, such as France, Egypt, Hungary, and Eastern Europe. Thank you for this information! This variety is native to Europe and Asia. To help guard yourself against infections, drinking chamomile tea often will help boost your immune system. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) A 2017 study assessed the short-term treatment of generalized … This was a great article. B. Thank you for pointing out the difference. Roman Chamomile essential oil is used in body care recipes, as well as for aromatherapy. This is known to be very supportive, especially for dry or reddened skin. The physical attributes of the Roman chamomile plant that help distinguish it from its German counterpart are several. I did not really understand the difference between the two, so this was a wonderful article! Matricin, a sesquiterpene molecule with anti-inflammatory effects, when put through the heat of the distillation process, converts to chamazulene, which gives chamomile essential oil its rich blue color. Roman and German chamomile are among some of the most popular essential oils out there. This comparison was very helpful. [5] Butje, A. I see this blog says German Chamomile can help relieve allergy symptoms, so maybe I am wrong and the oils won’t contribute to allergies? However, you’ll notice that both of these “chamomiles” have a different genus and species name; they also have markedly different chemical components and can be used for different purposes. Typical of a chamomile plant, the flowers are white and yellow. Commonly, the name M. recutita is applied to the most popular source of the herbal product chamomile, although other species are also used as chamomile. Study shows chamomile capsules ease anxiety symptoms. Thankfully, we can turn to our very helpful friend, chamomile, to give us some extra support to help tackle this festive season! Though they share some of the same therapeutic properties, German, Roman and Moroccan chamomile oil are all different species. I think I should add these to my collection. love these oils and great information. I’d love to buy one. Reply HELP for help. Retrieved from. This is so helpful! Matricaria chamomilla (synonym: Matricaria recutita), commonly known as chamomile (also spelled camomile), German chamomile, Hungarian chamomile (kamilla), wild chamomile, blue chamomile, scented mayweed, is an annual plant of the composite family Asteraceae. Second Edition, Volume I (A–C). For an amazing facial mask DIY using Chamomile Roman, check out THIS blog! Hours: Monday-Saturday - 6:00am to 10:00pm MT US. So it seems Chamomile Roman EO is best for menstrual cramps, Chamomile German EO is best for skin inflammation and Chamomile German CO2 is even better. I had been debating back and forth which one to get and now I know Roman Chamomile is the one I need! The plant requires moderate watering and is very low maintenance. If you are allergic to chamomile oil then it is best to seek another alternative that will work for your needs. It has a very pleasant, soothing, apple-like aroma. Blue chamomile is derived from the German chamomile plant, which is an upright growing annual. Thank you! Roman chamomile is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the aster family and can easily reach 12 inches (30 cm) tall. Both roman and german chamomile can be used as whole herbs for making teas. We go to great lengths to help users better understand uses of essential oils; however, the content on this blog is not a substitute for medical guidance. Just roll the bottle in your hand to create warmth and allow the CO2 to be a bit more workable. By H. Zell – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link. Alternative therapies in health and medicine, 18(5), 44-9. Rubbing a few drops on the hands, wrists, as well as the neck, can help you escape flu or cold when you are going around the office or at home. Chamomile flowers are rich in volatile oils with constituents like alpha bisabolol and matricin. The oils blue color comes from the chemical component chamazulene, a product of matricine, which gives German Chamomile its powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. I was all set to buy Roman when I actually need German. Retrieved from, [9] Chamomile.(2018). It does so through nourishing and calming dry, irritated or flaky skin. Its sedative properties can help with pain relief on a wound or a minor burn, while also it can help fight infections through its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Roman chamomile, also known as English or Russian chamomile, is a low growing perennial groundcover in zones 4-11. [5] Butje, A. A difference from steam distilled Chamomile German that you may notice immediately is the CO2’s lack of color. Usually, there will be no reaction to your skin. Roman chamomile essential oil is available in health stores and online. After reading this, I went with the Chamomile Roman. There are two plants known as chamomile: the more popular German chamomile (Matricaria recutita) and Roman, or English, chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile).Although they belong to different species, they are used to treat the same … Roman chamomile has hairy stems, which produce one flower atop each single stem. i haven just gotten some roman chamomile during sale and was expecting a more herbaceous scent like the chamomile tea counterpart. Molecular medicine reports, 3(6), 895-901. German Chamomile ethnobot/Flickr. I’m going with German . Should You Use Roman Chamomile or German Chamomile? There are two plants which fall under the name chamomile, Roman and German chamomile.Roman chamomile, or Chamaemelum nobile, is the less popular of the two.German chamomile, or Matricaria recutita, is much more commonly used, but it is not impossible to find Chamaemelum nobile plants and products.. Roman and German chamomile flowers are similar in … This time of the year, it’s no secret that most of us could use a little extra rest and relaxation. [2] Amsterdam, J. D., Shults, J., Soeller, I., Mao, J. J., Rockwell, K., & Newberg, A. To benefit from the immune system boosting properties of this oil, you can simply ingest it by adding a few drops of the oil to a tea or in hot water. Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine. The individual stems are hairy and will produce one flower at the top of the stem. One stu… German Chamomile, also known as blue chamomile is the most healing of the chamomile essential oils. To describe the differences between chamomile and other daisy flowers, it is important to differentiate among the … Insomnia/anxiety issues, skin issues, & sinus/pain issues! This is a fantastic choice for helping soothe skin inflammations, such as minor rashes, insect bites, and burns. Roman and German chamomile are fairly easy to grow and you can easily incorporate them in your garden. It is nice to learn the difference. Flushing out toxins, allergens, and infections by inducing perspiration. English, or Roman chamomile, Chamaemelum nobile, is a low-growing plant that you’ll often see growing between pavers in cottage gardens or as a ground cover. It’s exactly what I needed to decide between German and Roman, and saved me a lot of time and research! I had no idea that German Chamomile was so good for pain, knowing this I will definitely be using this more often. In many circles, you might come across Roman chamomile being referred to as English or Russian chamomile.

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